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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Oversize & Overweight Permits

Oxcart Logo The Village of Glendale Heights is authorized by the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/15 - 301) and Chapter 4, Section 7-4-7 of the Glendale Heights code of ordinances with respect to roadways under its jurisdiction may, at their discretion, upon application and good cause being shown therefore, issue special permits authorizing the applicant to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles of a size or weight of vehicle or load exceeding the maximum specified by the Illinois compiled statutes and the Glendale Heights code of ordinances.

An Oversize/Overweight permit is required, when a vehicle or load exceeds legal sizes and weights, and is to be moved upon or across a roadway for which the village of Glendale Heights is responsible. Permit applications are reviewed by the Glendale Heights Police Department for roadway tolerances, construction zones, height clearance and several other safety concerns. The village has partnered with OxCart and the OxCart system allows customers to apply online. Most permits are immediately issued via the online application process. Oftentimes, in order to complete your move, roads NOT authorized to be permitted by Village of Glendale Heights may be necessary. In all such cases involving IDOT highways and DuPage County roadways, permittee MUST obtain permission from appropriate state and county authorities prior to movement.

The village, with respect to any street or highway under its jurisdiction, may upon application to the Police Department through a format approved by the village and with good cause being shown, issue a permit authorizing the applicant to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles of a size exceeding the maximum specified in Section 7-4-6 or a vehicle or combination or vehicles, that is non-divisible or carrying a load that is non-divisible and exceeding the following limits:

  1. Limits as indicated in Section 7-4-6 of the Village Code;
  2. Gross weights, axle weights or series of axle weights that exceed the maximum limits set forth in 625 ILCS 5/15- 111(a); and
  3. Vehicles specifically designed as tow trucks as defined in 625 ILCS 5/15-111 (a) (12) engaging in the tow of a disabled vehicle from the original point of disablement to a point where repairs are to actually occur, when the point of repair is more than 20 miles from the original point of disablement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are special restrictions. No vehicles or combination of vehicles with a registered weight, or actual weight above 10,000 lbs. are allowed on designated roadways within the village unless an overweight permit is obtained. These roadways are marked with "No Truck" and "5 Ton Limit" signs. Other than local deliveries, a permit is needed to drive on restricted roadways.

Constructions vehicles are not allowed on posted, weight restricted residential roadways within the village. A construction vehicle is defined under village ordinance as a vehicle over 10,000lbs actual weight, registered weight or gross vehicle weight rating that is required to comply with 625 ILCS 5/12-712 and 625 ICLS 5/12-713 on identification required to be displayed.

The name, address and telephone number of the owner or lessee of the vehicle; applicant's Name, type of permit requested (single trip, round trip, LCO); description and registration of the power unit; Description of load to be moved; Number of axles of the vehicle of combination of vehicles; Gross weight of the vehicle and its load; Axle weights of all single, tandem or series of axles; Width, length and height of the vehicle and its load; Origin of the load within the state or state line if the origin is outside of the State of Illinois; Roads within the village which are requested to be traveled; Container identification number of any intermodal shipping container; and an Approved IDOT and (if applicable) DuPage County overweight permits. Applications can be submitted online at

The permit costs are determined by the total weight requested for overweight permits, and load size for over-dimension permits. The costs are determined upon application for a permit via the Oxcart System. The fees can also be located by reviewing village ordinance.

Contact Information

For further information regarding local permitting or Commercial motor vehicle enforcement within the village, contact CMV Safety & Enforcement Officer Zachary Pugh at or by phone at 630.260.6000 x8362.