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Community Emergency Response Team

CERT is a training program that prepares you to help yourself, your family, and your neighbors in the event of a disaster. During an incident, emergency services personnel may not be able to reach everyone right away. By getting trained in CERT, you will have the skills to help emergency responders save lives and protect property.

CERT training promotes a partnering effort between emergency services and the people that they serve. The goal is for emergency personnel to train members of neighborhoods, community organizations, or workplaces in basic response skills. CERT members are then integrated into the emergency response capability for their area. If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays the community's professional response, CERT members can assist others by applying the basic response and organizational skills that they learned during training. These skills can help save and sustain lives following a disaster until help arrives. CERT skills also apply to daily emergencies.

The Village of Glendale Heights established a CERT Team in 2009 and since then the team has continued to grow. In 2015, through an Intergovernmental Agreement, Glendale Heights CERT partnered with Milton Township CERT. Milton Township has created a number of similar partnerships with other municipalities throughout DuPage County in a collaborative effort to unite volunteers and offer high level training.


Residents wishing to become a member of Glendale Heights CERT can do so by completing the 21 hour seven-session CERT training now held at the College of DuPage Homeland Security Education Center. Glendale Heights residents that complete the training will be welcomed as members of Glendale Heights CERT as well as Milton Township CERT. As a member of CERT, you will receive ongoing training and may be called upon in the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster that impacts our Village. Likewise, Milton Township CERT members may be called upon should disaster strike elsewhere throughout DuPage County.

Join your neighbors who have already taken advantage of this quality training program. All equipment and course instruction is provided free of charge. For a course application, please visit the Milton Township Citizens Corps Council C.E.R.T Team website and then click the "CERT Application Form."

For more information, please contact John Sulak, at 630.909.5485.