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Temporary Disability Parking Placard

Temporary Disability Parking Placards are available at the Village Hall. In accordance to the Secretary of State Temporary Placards (red) are issued to persons with a temporary disability or in the third trimester of pregnancy (no more than 90 days) and are valid for the length of time indicated by the certifying physician, not to exceed six months if issued by the Secretary of State or up to 90 days if issued by a local municipality, and DO NOT exempt the holder from parking meter fees and time limitations.

As a convenience to Glendale Heights residents, the Village has added this public service to assist those in need of temporary parking placards. Temporary Disability Parking Placards are now available through the Finance Department during the Village's normal business hours. In order to obtain a Temporary Disability Parking Placard, you must return the "Persons with Disability Certification" form signed by your physician. Forms are available at the Finance counter or you may download a form by visiting the Secretary of the State's website.

Penalties for Misuse

  • The minimum fine for parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities without disability license plates and/or a parking placard is $250. Local municipalities may increase the fines up to $350.
  • Unauthorized use of disability plates and/or a parking placard can result in a $1,000 fine and driver's license suspension for a first offense.
  • Police may confiscate a placard, and the Secretary of State's office may suspend or revoke license plates or parking placards being used illegally.

For more information regarding the Temporary Disability Parking Placard, you may call the Finance Department at 630.260.6000, or contact your nearest Secretary of State Facility or visit