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Village of Glendale Heights
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Property Maintenance

The Village of Glendale Heights encourages all residents and businesses to maintain their properties. In addition to common sense maintenance issues, there are minimum code requirements set forth in the Property Maintenance Code that must be met. Maintaining property helps defray repair costs and improves property values throughout the community. Although a vast majority of businesses and residents maintain their properties, occasionally some do not, and the village must conduct code enforcement. The Village undertakes code enforcement to keep residents safe.

Code Enforcement

Village staff frequently receives complaints or witnesses violations of the property maintenance code or building code and must contact the property owner to advise them of the violation. Staff provides a violation notice with an appropriate amount of time to address the violation. The violation notice is intended to make the property owner aware of the violation and give them time to resolve the issue without issuance of a citation or fine. If an owner does not address the violation in a timely manner, a citation may be issued.

Common violations observed by staff include the following:

  • Allowing grass to grow higher than 8 inches
  • Taking garbage cans out before 6:00pm the day before your scheduled pick-up day, or leaving garbage cans out past 7:00am the day after
  • Beginning construction without a required building permit
  • Allowing an accumulation of trash and debris on property
  • Parking on the grass

Administrative Adjudication

If the Village does issue a citation, an owner may pay a fine, or appear before the Administrative Adjudication Hearing Officer to argue his case. The Hearing Officer will make a determination if the owner is liable and must pay a fine, or not liable, and dismiss the case. Administrative Adjudication hearings are conducted the first Friday of each month at 3:00pm in the Council Chambers at Village Hall.

You may pay code enforcement citations online.

Property Enhancement Committee

The Property Enhancement Committee meets monthly to discuss property maintenance code requirements, provides training to landlords and recognizes property owners who take exceptional care of their homes and properties.

If you have concerns about property maintenance issues in the Village, please contact the Community Development Departmennt at 630.260.6030.