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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Fleet Services

The Fleet Services division is committed to providing municipal fleet repair and maintenance to Village-owned vehicles and equipment to ensure the availability of a long-lasting, reliable, and cost effective fleet, with emphasis on minimizing effects on the environment.

We provide these services to approximately 312 pieces of village owned vehicles and equipment. Roughly 100 are clean air units. The services provided to our respective divisions include preventive maintenance, repair services, fabrication services, new vehicle specification, purchasing, salvage, product support and training.

Fleet Services employs three highly trained technicians each having the experience and expertise to provide all of the services. We have 7 working service bays and 5 lifts.

We are committed to investigating future options in transportation, alternative fuels and cleaner running vehicles.

Below are several interesting links to help our citizens locate resources on waste disposal and some to foster the idea of cleaner transportation alternatives.