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Village of Glendale Heights
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Environmental Awareness

The Village of Glendale Heights is aware of the importance of taking care of our environment, and is committed to improving the region's air, water and land, reduce greenhouse gases, minimize waste, and reduce energy consumption through a series of environmental actions.

The Village offers several community-wide recycling and environmentally-safe disposal programs, including programs for medical equipment, cell phone, holiday lights, batteries, U.S. flags, and a pharmaceutical disposal program.

All of these efforts led to the Village earning an Earth Flag and a Resolution of Commendation from the DuPage County Board for our ongoing commitment to the environment.


The Village has taken steps to lower our environmental footprint by installing eco-friendly lighting and water fixtures throughout our various buildings and parks, revising our no-idling policy for non-emergency Village vehicles, and recycling old Village electronic equipment. The Village is constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint even further.


The Village's Green Team routinely holds events and programs to help the Village and its residents, reduce their environmental footprint by promoting green initiatives and programs.

Some programs available for residents include:

  • Holiday LightsHoliday Lights Recycling Program: Have your holiday lights lost their twinkle? The Village of Glendale Heights is collecting broken lights from November through April at the Public Works Garage, 1635 Glen Ellyn Road, weekdays from 7:30am-3:00pm. Acceptable items: All color and lengths of mini-lights (Italian lights), C7, C9, rope lights, LED lights, and extension cords.

  • Battery Recycling Program: Look for our Battery Recycle container at any public counter. We are accepting household batteries, including AA, D and 9-volt, at Village buildings during normal operating hours.

  • Cell Phone Recycling Program: The Glendale Heights Police Department is collecting digital cell phones, chargers, and their batteries. Please drop-off cell phones and their necessary accessories in a plastic bag to the Center for Senior Citizens at 260 Civic Center Plaza, or call 630.260.6050 for more information.

  • Used Medical Equipment Recycling Program: The Village's medical equipment pantry accepts walkers, wheel chairs, canes, quad canes, crutches, commodes and other bathroom equipment. To schedule your drop-off appointment or to borrow equipment, please call the Center for Senior Citizens at 630.260.6050.

  • Pharmaceutical Disposal Program: Intended to help reduce the potential for misuse of medications. The program helps to reduce safety concerns that may occur with accidental ingestion of medication by children in a household and is also intended to reduce pharmaceutical threats to our water supplies or waterways.

  • U.S. Flag Disposal Program: A Flag Depository is located at the turn about of the Civic Center Plaza parking lot. Please retire your unserviceable, torn, tattered, faded flag for proper military disposal. For more information, you may contact Trustee Chester Pojack at 630.909.5310.