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Village of Glendale Heights
Village of Glendale Heights
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Information Systems

The Information Systems Division's responsibilities continue to expand at an accelerated pace while providing critical core support of all Village operations. The I.S. team works behind the scenes to support all Village departments for hardware, such as desktop and laptop computers, audio/visual systems, police mobile terminals, telecommunication systems and devices, and a wide variety of software programs vital to operations. The Information Systems Division maintains the Village's various websites, and shares website operations with the Public Relations Division, Parks & Recreation Division, and other divisions, as needed.

As technology infrastructures increasingly become a prime target for malicious attacks, the Village continues to invest and take strong measures to improve our network security to protect our data against unauthorized access and potential data loss. The Village has improved and augmented our security with the replacement and upgrade of our network firewall, web filters, and antivirus products. Additional improvements to protect the Village was the removal of older software programs and internal policy changes.

The Information Systems team is busy preparing for further improvements with new network fiber connections, the relocation of critical operations to cloud solutions to provide for further redundancy and disaster recovery, and improvements to our microwave network systems.