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Water Meter Replacement Program

New water meter

New Neptune water meter installed inside your property.

The Village of Glendale Heights is currently conducting a Water Meter and Reading Device Replacement Project throughout Glendale Heights. The project will replace outdated water meters and associated reading devices in residential homes and businesses that were installed in the late 1990's. This project is required because the majority of the Village's water meters are over 20 years old and have exceeded their life expectancy, and the new water meters will improve overall accuracy on your water meter reads.

You will receive a letter in the mail with a unique pin to your property requesting you to schedule an appointment.

The Village buys your drinking water from the DuPage Water Commission, and every drop that is consumed by customers, is to be accounted and paid for by the Village. Accurate meter readings are crucial in ensuring the Village charges its customers the correct usage, as well as reporting precise water consumption figures to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). In addition, the Village is able to calculate water lost throughout the distribution system more effectively when the actual consumed water is reported accurately.

The new meters will be read automatically and will provide accurate readings and increased information available to customers through Village staff, upon request. The new system will also help customers identify potential problems such as lost water from plumbing issues.

New water meter reading device

Water meter reading device mounted on exterior of property.

As part of the replacement project, approximately 8,900 water meters and 9,100 reading devices will be replaced throughout a one year period, for a total project cost of $3.25 million.

The Village has contracted with Water Resources, Inc., and its affiliated company, Water Services Company, to install the new water metering equipment. This company comes highly recommended and has undertaken these types of projects for municipalities for over 25 years. Installation of the equipment will require access to the interior and exterior of both residential and commercial properties.

The following map shows the approximate installation time frame for your area. This time frame is an estimate and may change. You will receive a letter from Water Resources, Inc., requesting you to schedule an appointment. Your appointment can be made either by booking through the website at or by calling a specially formed Customer Service Center for Glendale Heights customers at 800.642.2648.

Please note that appointments cannot be made until you receive the request letter from Water Resources, which will provide you with a unique identification number for your home and give you access to the appointment system.

View this map to see the progress we've made in replacing the meters throughout the Village!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Village's contractor, Water Resources, Inc., will mail a letter to you requesting you to make an appointment for your meter and reading device change out installation.

Appointments can only be scheduled for those customers who have already received a letter from Water Resources, Inc, which provides you with a unique identification number (PIN Number) to your property. Once you have received this, you can schedule your appointment either online at or by calling the Customer Call Center at 1.800.642.2648.

No, there is NO cost to the customer for the meter and reading device replacement.

If the valve inside your property does not work/operate, the installer still needs to temporarily shut off your water. The installer will need to shut the water off outside your home/business at the outside valve (typically near the curb), to complete the work. If you wish and at your discretion, you may request the installer to replace the inoperable valve inside your property. The Village has negotiated with Water Resources, Inc, a fixed cost per valve installed. The cost is the responsibility of the property owner, and this will be a private contract with Water Resources, Inc. The Village will not be responsible for collecting payment or monitor the work for this replacement valve. The resident/property owner will need to pay for this service at the time of installation and Water Resources staff will accept cash, credit cards, or check. A receipt will be provided at time of payment. The cost of the valve is dependent on the size required. The cost of the valve is as follows:
  • 3/4" Valve: $180.00 each (typical residential size)
  • 1" Valve: $190.00 each
  • 1 1/4" Valve: $350.00 each

Once a new water meter is installed, your water bill may increase or decrease due to your water usage being read more accurately.

Each water meter will be connected with a Reading Device (Meter Interface Unit - MIU), or radio transmitter mounted on the outside of your home. The MIU communicates to data collector units located throughout the Village. This allows data and readings to be accessed by Water Billing staff. Each meter has a unique identification number that ensures that only your reading and data are assigned to your account.

The Village of Glendale Heights has contracted with Water Resources, Inc, who is the local distributor and supplier of Neptune water meters and infrastructure. All installers (pictured below) are licensed plumbers, and will have a Village of Glendale Heights issued photo identification card, and travel in marked Water Resources, Inc. vehicles. If you have any concerns with the installer, please contact the Public Works Department at 630.260.6040 for clarification. Water Resources Technicians

Yes, since the water meters are located inside your home or building (garage) someone over the age of 18 must be present during the installation.

Most water meters are located in the basement, crawl space, or furnace room where the water service pipe enters the building. The meter will be two to three feet above the ground usually by the wall closest to the street.

If you are unable to locate your water meter, please feel free to contact Public Works at 630.260.6040 for assistance.

If you are a tenant, you will be asked to provide access to the water meter for the new installation. A copy of the water meter installation notice will be sent to the property owner as well.

Know where your water meter is located. Make sure the area around the water meter is clear to allow room for the installers to work with at least a four foot (4') radius. Make sure your water meter is accessible: if the meter is buried behind a finished wall, please provide an access point before your scheduled appointment. If you have a finished basement, the water meter may be behind a wall. If the meter is behind a finished wall, it is the responsibility of the property owner/tenant to provide access to the water meter for the replacement. The water meter installers will not cut into walls to expose the water meter. If the water meter is not accessible at the time of the appointment, you will need to reschedule your appointment after you have resolved the access to the meter.

The water meter installer will arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time and provide proper identification. The installer will locate your water meter and main water shut off valve (inside the home). The water will be shut off while the old water meter is being removed and the new water meter is then installed. The new meter will be installed in the same location as the old water meter. The water will be turned back on and the installer will check for leaks and proper operation of the meter. Next, the installer will need to run a communication cable from the water meter to the exterior of the property. The installer will then fit the reading device on the exterior of your property. After all new equipment is checked for proper operations, you will be asked to verify the final read of the old meter, and to sign the installation form approving the installation.

Typically the installation will take approximately 1-hour and the water will be turned off for about 5-10 minutes until the new meter is installed. Your water system may experience some trapped air or slight discoloration due to the disturbance of draining the water lines for the meter replacement. This is normal and will clear after running your water for a few minutes.

The installer will not leave if there is a leak present when the meter installation is complete. If a leak or other issue arises after the installer leaves, please call the Public Works Department at 630.260.6040.

No. The new water meter does not require any maintenance by the property owner/tenant. However, please be aware that wire connecting the meter to the MIU must remain intact. If this wire is damaged or removed, the water readings will not be available to the Village, and we will need to revisit your property to determine the problem.

The Village uses the data from the meter to generate water and sewer bills as well as proper accounting of water consumption. This information is important in the preparation of Village reports to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR).

No, the radio transmissions occur on a frequency very different from those used by television signals, cordless phones and other electronic devices. There are no risks or hazards emitted from the equipment.

No. The water meter does not require any power and the MIU is battery operated. Batteries are estimated to last 15-20 years and will be replaced by the Village as required.

The MIU will be fixed to the outside of your home to allow data collection.

The Village public water mains and the service lines to your home do not contain any lead. However, properties constructed prior to 1986 may contain lead based solder within the private plumbing systems. This may be a potential source for lead entering the drinking water during the Water Meter and Reading Device Replacement Project. If you have any concerns about your private plumbing and fixtures containing lead, it is recommended you contact a reputable plumber who can check this for you. You may contact the Village's Community Development Department for information about licensed and bonded plumbers in Glendale Heights at 630.260.6030.

Run your water to flush out any potential lead for 1-3 minutes. If you are concerned about the internal plumbing of your home containing lead, you should hire the services of a licensed plumber. Additional tips you may wish to follow:
  1. Clean and remove any debris from faucet aerators on a regular basis.
  2. Do not boil water to remove lead. Boiling water will not reduce lead.
  3. Purchase lead-free faucets and plumbing components.
  4. Test your water for lead. Call the Village of Glendale Heights Public Works at 630.260.6040 to find out how to get your water tested for lead. The Village does not provide testing services, however, we can provide a list of laboratories certified to perform the testing. The laboratories will send you the sample bottles and instructions. The Village can answer any questions you have about the testing process. The cost of the sample is the resident's responsibility.