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Electric Aggregation

Following the passage of a voter Referendum in November 2012, the Village of Glendale Heights contracted to procure electric supply in bulk for residents and small business owners by way of an Electric Aggregation program. Glendale Heights residents enjoyed a cumulative savings over $1 million on their personal ComEd bills for several years ending January 2015.

With savings no longer available vs. the ComEd rate - which continues to decline, now to an annualized 6.869 cents per kWh - the Village is resuming its Electric Aggregation program with Chicago - headquartered Eligo Energy. The program enables the Village to receive 100% Renewable Green Energy by way of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and an annual civic contribution at zero added cost to ratepayers and the Village.

No ratepayer is obligated to participate in the program. It is recommended that before engaging with any other alternative supplier, to carefully review all contract terms and rate structure.

Notices will be mailed to residents and small businesses on Monday, February 15. Some accounts will remain with ComEd, others will move to Eligo, but the net effect for all is identical: all pay the same ComEd rate. You do not need to take any action to participate unless you have a contract already established with another supplier; you may call Eligo to enroll at 630.481.053.

You do not need to take any action to participate. Ratepayers will receive one of these notices, depending upon the current status of their account, whether with ComEd, in a private contract, or enrolled in one of ComEd's Hourly Rate or Net Metering programs:

  1. "Green Aggregation Notice," No action required; you will be enrolled unless you choose to opt out by returning the pre-paid card, calling 630-481-7053, or emailing as directed.
  2. "Informative Only Notice," you will remain at ComEd, but are considered a participant in the program. No action required.
  3. "Opt In Notice," you will remain with your current supplier in your private contract, but you may take action to enroll. No supplier may charge any termination fee to leave a contract at any time.
  4. "Hourly or Net Metering: Informational Content Only" your account will remain at its current status with one of those programs. You may enroll but should understand how that will impact your account, as detailed in the notice - you may lose net metering credit, or be locked out of returning to hourly program.

Some ratepayers receive an opt out notice. They may choose not to support the program and may opt out by returning the postage pre-paid card or calling 630.481.7053. Others remain at ComEd. Again, the net effect for all is the same: all pay the ComEd rate with no additional fees or restrictions.

Why are some accounts served by ComEd and some by Eligo?

First, there is no difference to ratepayers: the price is identical for all. Suppliers analyze every meter; depending on complex usage patterns during peak demand periods throughout the year, certain accounts are selected to remain at ComEd and others switch to Eligo. All pay the same rate.

For questions, contact Eligo Energy Services at or call 630.481.7053 Mon6day through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Program Benefits:
  • Guaranteed at the ComEd rate, with no rate risk of paying more than ComEd.
  • 100% of electric energy consumed by those enrolled with Eligo and those who remain with ComEd is offset with Green Energy via RECs retired in the name of the Village.
  • The Village earns designation as an EPA Green Power Community - again, at zero added cost.
  • No hidden fees, no termination fee, flexibility to join or leave the program.
  • The Village will receive an annual civic contribution to use at its discretion for a sustainability project or general funding needs.

No one from Eligo, ComEd, or the Village will ever visit or call you to enroll. If a solicitor claims to be the Village supplier, Eligo, or ComEd, take their information and report the incident to the ICC at Never reveal your ComEd account number or allow a solicitor to view your ComEd bill unless you are certain you wish to enroll with that supplier and have read all terms and conditions. If you have questions or unusual circumstances or issues, we will work to resolve them for you: Email or leave your name and callback number at 800.727.3820 and you will be contacted shortly.

For more information about energy supply choices, visit the ICC site at

For questions about your electric account, do not call Village Hall; call Glendale Heights's aggregation program supplier, Eligo, at 630.481.7053. If you require additional assistance, call NIMEC at 800.727.3820 to leave your question and callback number. You will be contacted within 24 hours regarding the issue.

To report an electrical outage, or for questions pertaining to your ComEd bill, call ComEd at 800.334.7661.

Frequently Asked Questions

The annualized ComEd rate for the Energy Year ending May 2021 is 6.896 cents per kWh. This is comprised of electricity supply and transmission services. In addition, the ComEd effective rate includes a Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA) that varies monthly. The same ComEd rate including the PEA charge or credit, will be charged to all participants in the Glendale Heights Community Aggregation, whether enrolled with Eligo or whether receiving supply service via ComEd. To learn more about electric rates, visit, a site created by the Illinois Commerce Commission to inform ratepayers.

Renewable energy is derived from wind generation facilities, industrial heat recovery, solar, hydro, and methane gas from landfills. Nuclear and natural gas are not considered renewable/green resources for power generation.

The power grid maintained by ComEd that serves your community cannot route specific power directly to your home. Those who purchase green power typically pay a premium to support green energy through the purchase of RECs. RECs subsidize the cost of those renewable generation facilities. However, through this program, you will never pay more than the ComEd rate for your power.

When a power supplier sells a green energy product in the marketplace, that supplier is required to purchase and retire RECs to support their green products. The supplier must document and report those transactions. The EPA states by owning RECs, that enables you to claim that the electricity you use came from a renewable resource with low or zero emissions. Once the RECs are purchased and retired through the tracking system, a report will be provided to the Village.

During the initial three-week opt out period, you need do nothing if you received a notice at your ComEd billing address; you will automatically be enrolled unless you opt out, or your account may have been selected to remain with ComEd service. The notice will detail whether your account will be switched to ComEd or to Eligo. You need do nothing, and your power consumption will be offset by RECs.

Any resident or small business ratepayer who is currently with ComEd and has not switched to an Alternative Supplier in a private contract, who is not enrolled in ComEd's hourly rate (RRTP) program, or who does not have solar panels registered in a net metering program is automatically eligible. If you are currently under your own private contract with another supplier, you may take action to join to support the Village's Green Aggregation Program. Effective January 1, 2020, no supplier may change the ratepayer an early termination fee to vacate a supplier contract.

You may opt out before the program begins. You may also leave the program at any time during the 24-month term, and you will never incur a fee.

A Municipal Electric Aggregation Program was approved by a simple majority in a November 2012 voter Referendum allowing the Village to seek pricing from an alternative supplier for residents and small commercial accounts. The Village is committed to environmental sustainability, and in this instance, there is zero additional cost to procure green energy for the Village's residents - a win-win.

No. ComEd will continue to bill you for electric supply, delivery and taxes.

Always call ComEd with reports of outages or downed power lines at 800.334.7661. For questions about your supply service, you may call Eligo at 630.481.7053, Mon-Fri, 8a to 5p.

Yes, you can later leave the program and move your account back to ComEd or another Supplier. There is never an early termination fee to leave.

No. If you currently are eligible to receive assistance via PIPP or LIHEAP, that status will not be affected by this program and you can continue to receive these benefits for your ComEd bill.

Your participation in the budget billing plan won't change. The way you pay your ComEd bill will not change.

No. You need do nothing to automatically be enrolled in the program. If someone calls or visits your home claiming to be the Village's power supplier you may file a complaint with the ICC at on their website.