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Glendale Heights Real Estate Transfer Stamps

All properties sold in the Village of Glendale Heights, MUST be inspected for compliance with the Adopted Building Codes. Please contact the Community Development Department for further information at 630.260.6030.

Personal checks will NO longer be accepted for the final payment of the water bill or Transfer Stamp. Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Certified Check, Attorney, Title Company Checks, or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, and Discover) will be the only forms of payment accepted by the Village of Glendale Heights.

  1. The Glendale Heights Village Declaration form must be filled out completely, signed by at least one of the sellers or grantors, purchasers, or grantees or by their attorneys or agents representing them. This form must be presented at the time of purchase of the Real Estate Transfer Stamp, as required by the Glendale Heights Real Estate Transfer Tax Ordinance. The DuPage County Clerk’s Office is particular about where the stamp is placed on the deed. We advise clients not to affix stamp until recording at the DuPage County Clerk’s Office.
  2. The full actual amount of consideration of the transaction is the amount upon which the tax is to be computed. This amount should be stated on the form.
  3. The amount of stamp is based upon the actual selling price of the property. The cost of Transfer Stamp is $3.00 per $1,000.00 of selling price. Any odd selling price should be rounded up to next $1,000.00.


  1. A COPY of the deed which will be signed at the closing. It should reflect the date of transaction, the names of grantor and grantee, a legal description of the property and the PIN: Property Parcel ID Number.
  2. A COPY of the State of Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration (P-Tax 203) form. These papers can be faxed to the Administrative Services Department at 630.260.9548.
  3. A final water reading must be done before stamp can be issued. Please read the inside Water Meter no sooner than two days before closing. Call reading into the Water Billing Division, at 630.260.6010, give forwarding address of seller and name of new buyer. (Water Billing will call you back to give you the final amount due.) All water and sewer bills or any other debts due and owing the Village must be paid before stamp can be issued.
  4. An inspection from the Village of Glendale Heights must be completed before stamp can be sold. Please contact the Community Development Department to schedule the inspection at 630.260.6030. Community Development requires a recent (less than 1 year old) Plat of survey.

NOTE: If seller of property purchases another property within the limits of the Village of Glendale Heights, they have 1 year to apply for a refund of the Transfer Tax Paid. A copy of the new deed, old deed, receipt of stamp purchased and proof of residence showing you are living in the new property. Seniors age 62+ have exempt status with proper proof of age. Exemption Stamps have a $25.00 processing fee.

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